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“Dr. Adrienne is great and I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences with her. She’s a keeper and I’ll continue with her as long as I can! Ten stars out of five!!!”

Google Review From: Nancy Myers January 1, 2019

“Laguna Beach Aesthetics
Dr. Adrienne O’Connell was so lovely! She made me feel at ease even though I absolutely hate needles. She took the time to talk with me about Botox and even took pictures. Thoughtful and professional”

Google Review From Laura Williams Feb, 2017

“Great Doctor! Wonderful office!
Careful and considerate!”

Google Review from Patty Barnett in June, 2017

Until I reached the age of 62 and one day caught a glance of my face in the rear-view mirror of my car – in full sunlight – I had sworn I would not care if I had wrinkles. But that day, the shock of seeing my crumpled skin drove me to care about my wrinkles…! I knew it wasn’t the end of the world to look old, but if I could look a little better, and without surgery, I thought, why not? I realized that some of the procedures weren’t cheap, but I also calculated how much I spent on my hair and nails each year, and I reasoned that if I was prepared to spend that much on those parts of my body, why would I resist spending a similar amount on my face? Especially since I was working very hard to earn my money, so was lucky enough to have some discretionary income after meeting all my obligations, including donations to my favorite cat causes. After a consultation with Dr. O’Connell – Adrienne, who is very friendly, in addition to being an actual medical doctor who still works as an ER physician – I agreed with her recommendation to do a CO2 Laser treatment. (I was willing, but skeptical, mind you.) But the change in the texture of my skin and the reduction of lines was honestly amazing.

I also wrote about the procedure for Stu News, where I was working as an editor at the time. Click on these links to read my story.

Testimonial from Lynette on August 29, 2018.